MMDA Letter to MDA on Custom Prohibition Order

    Movement Control Order (MCO)

    In view of announcement by our Prime Minister last night and calls from
    MMDA Members, kindly note the following especially on *Item 6:-*

    Movement Control Order 18/3/2020 - 9/06/2020(CMCO Extension)

    This control order is made under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967. This Movement Control Order includes;
    1. General prohibition of mass movements and gatherings across the country including religious, sports, social and cultural activities. To enforce this prohibition, all houses of worship and business premises
    should be closed, except for supermarkets, public markets, grocery stores and convenience stores selling everyday necessities. Specifically for Muslims, the adjournment of all religious activities in mosques and mosques including Friday prayers is in line with the decision of the Special Mental Health Committee meeting on March 15, 2020.

    2. Sanctions cover all Malaysians traveling abroad.  For those who have just returned from overseas, they are required to undergo a health check and to do a quarantine (or self quarantine) for 14 days;

    3. Restrictions on the entry of all tourists and foreign visitors into the country;

    4. Closure of all kindergartens, government and private schools including daily schools, boarding schools, international schools, tahfiz centers and other primary, secondary and pre-university institutions;

    5. Closure of all public and private higher education institutions (IPTs) and skills training institutes nationwide;

    6. Closure of all government and private premises   except those involved in essential services (water, electricity, energy, telecommunications, postal, transportation, irrigation, oil, gas, fuel, lubricants, broadcasting, finance, banking,  health, pharmacy, fire, prison, port, airport, safety, defense, cleaning, retail and food supply.

    - YAB PM


    1. All companies and government to *CLOSE* unless you are part of the essential service.

    2. Effective 18th March u still can go out from your house, this is NOT a full lockdown. U can go out to work at all the Essential Service or if you don't work there, you can go and use the service.

    3. Restaurants are NOT to serve customers but can open for DELIVERY SERVICES. But if your restaurant DO NOT have delivery services, You are NOT ALLOWED to open.Restaurants CANNOT serve dine in customers. 

    4. You can still drop by your office, but you are not suppose to work with colleagues as the purpose of this Partial Lockdown is to ensure no spread of Virus.

    5. You are NOT ALLOWED to travel outstation or in the highways from 18th March to stop the spread of the Virus.

    6. You can still go out jogging, hiking, exercise but AVOID close contact with others.

    7. Supermarkets, marts, will be open. Staff in this places are allowed to go to work. And you can go as customers. Again try avoiding crowds and wear a mask.

    8. Since this is NOT a full lockdown, you do not need to worry about essential staff travelling to work. They can still travel as long as not outstation.

    9. No public weddings, small scale funerals.

    NO RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES, including No Friday Prayers. All religious activities are totally banned.

    10. Transportation of goods still allowed.

    11. If you are part of condo management, you are suppose to close BUT if it effects the water and electricity then you are considered essential staff.

    12. All teaching places related to education are to be closed. All exams postponed, students are NOT ALLOWED to go out and all the centres to close till 31st March.

    For further clarifications, please contact the hotline no.: 03-88882010